China’s Sonic Hooligans | Facebook and Yoga | Humor & Social Movements


From Sonic Models to Sonic Hooligans: Magnetic Tape and the Unraveling of the Mao-Era Sound Regime, 1958–1983

Chuan Xu East Asian Science, Technology and Society: an International Journal

“Widespread home dubbing created a decentralized network of sound production and circulation that not only defied government regulation, but also fueled the anxieties that moral, social, and ideological catastrophes would soon descend on the country. Through this media history of magnetic tape, this article shows how the governance of sound infrastructure and protocols was integral to the governance of people.”


Facebook and Yoga: Gurus, New Age, and Spirituality through Social Media

Samta P. Pandya Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture

“This article reports a three-year repeated measures study on the effect of guru-led new religious movements’ (gnrm) customized Facebook yoga lessons on followers’ spiritual experiences and religious commitment. Participants comprised 3,488 followers across four gnrms…Results showed that at phase 2, scores of participants on spiritual experiences and religious commitment measures were significantly higher vis-à-vis the comparison group.”


Coloring Social Change: Humor, Politics, and Social Movements

Aleksandar Takovski International Journal of Humor Research

“…the present case study explores the 2016 Macedonian social movement called the Colorful Revolution. In particular, through the analysis of social media and activists’ reflection on the political use of humor, this case study examines how on-line humor contributed to the emergence and development of the movement.”

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