The Cyberflâneur

The Cyberflâneur section of The Syllabus matches the mighty knowledge infrastructure of The Syllabus with the ingenuity, eclecticism, and verve of our rotating guest-editors. Every week, one of our trusted guides – artists, intellectuals, academics, journalists – will choose a dozen interesting links and write a sentence or two to explain their selections.

These selections, of course, are not random. Together with the editorial team of The Syllabus, the guest-editors first procure a list of topics for their respective week. In this, they have a free hand. We then unleash the power of The Syllabus to find the best recent pieces on these subjects. The guest-editors then narrow that list to a dozen items.

The Cyberflâneur does stroll against the grain. We want to inject a very different temporality and pace into the increasingly stressful ritual of link-sharing (the rythms of Twitter or Facebook are simply too maddening). Our hope is to let you experience the most exotic and hidden parts of the Web through the eyes of talented, eccentric, erudite, and interesting people. Yes, this has all the excitement of the World Wide Web circa 1995 – and we are not ashamed of it. The cyberflâneurs might be (almost) dead but we do hope to protect – and cherish! – the survivors.

Our cyberflâneurs so far:

Brian Eno

Hito Steyerl

Adam Tooze

Rana Foroohar


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