The Cyberflâneur #2: Hito Steyerl

The Syllabus is not just about hunting down eclectic content in the most remote parts of the digital terrain. We are also busy inventing new ways of experiencing and navigating it – not least because we feel that conventional social media use is now not very different from the Skinnerian operant conditioning. Hence, the Cyberflâneur.

This week’s dose of “cyberflânerie” comes courtesy of Hito Steyerl – a renowned artist with a sharp eye for what ails the hyper-globalized and hyper-digitized world. We worked with Hito to identify the themes that interest her at the moment; then, we trawled our Syllabus stacks to produce a shortlist; finally, Hito selected her ten – and gave us snappy, uncanny comments about each of them. Navigate it any way you want!

“Who owns language?”

Linguistic Capitalism. Has Google Become an All Powerful Usurer of Language? | We Make Money Not Art

“And the city?”

The Deceptive Platform Utopianism of Google’s Sidewalk Labs | Failed Architecture

“What’s underneath?”

Daemons are the Programs that Run the Internet. Here’s Why It’s Important to Understand Them | The Conversation

“What’s behind?”

DeepMind Creates AI That Replays Memories Like the Hippocampus | Unite.AI

“What’s inside?”

Infrastructure of Vision: Envisioning the Future through Market Devices | Computational Culture

“What’s covered by the snapchat filter?”

Dating Apps and Data Markets: a Political Economy of Communication Approach | Computational Culture

“Who owns your affection?”

Rising Signs | The Verge

“Now what?”

The Ethics of Algorithmic Outsourcing in Everyday Life | Algorithmic Regulation

“And what next?”

Gaming for Good | People Fixing the World

“Whats’ in between the layers?”

Unsupervised by Any Other Name: Hidden Layers of Knowledge Production in Artificial Intelligence on Social Media | Big Data & Society

In case you missed it, here is last week’s edition of the Cyberflâneur by Brian Eno.


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