The Cyberflâneur #10: Raquel Rolnik

This week, we are thrilled to feature Raquel Rolnik, one of the most prominent and critical voices on urbanism, planning, financialization of cities, the right to housing, and much else. When not busy writing excellent books (check out her recent Urban Warfare: Housing Under the Empire of Finance or teaching in her native Brazil, Raquel, an accomplished planner and architect, also finds time for public office (including a six-year stint as the UN special rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing). She now joins our rapidly growing list of cyberflâneurs (do not miss our holiday special from last week: Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst).

Here is the video of a recent talk by Raquel Rolnik (which was featured on The Syllabus in October, 2019, shortly after it came out).



Squatters in the Сapitalist Сity

Miguel Martinez has not only an academic approach to the topic, but also a lived one. It is worth to listen!


Radical Commitments | Keynote by Angela Davis

Angela Davis, one of the leading voices against racism and its connection with a highly exploitative capitalism . One of her targets is the prison industrial complex, which for her links clearly race and class.


Who Is Buying Seattle? The Perils of the Luxury Real Estate Boom

When we affirm that finance has seized out cities, we need reports like this one on Seattle to show clearly what we are talking about.


Towards a Critical Housing Studies Research Agenda on Platform Real Estate

Like other apparently “neutral” high tech solution, platform real state is changing housing markets. Questions of power and politics behind the new market strategy needs to be disclosed.


Cities and States Take up the Battle for an Open Internet

Tech giants will control internet forever? Cities in the US say no!


How Go-Go Music Became Kryptonite for Gentrification in D.C.

Music (and art) are known as spearheads for gentrification. Can music be the opposite?


Housing First in Europe. An Overview of Implementation, Strategy and Fidelity

Homelessness is a question of… lack of access to housing! This obvious approach has finally been implemented in some cities and countries. The report offers an overview of its implementation in Europe.


The Pervasive Power of the Settler Mindset

“By connecting the concept of democratic self-rule with a continual project of expansion, the settler narrative shaped collective institutions, ways of war, visions of growth and prosperity, and conceptions of political membership that still run deep.” In this text, settler colonialism – as a racist and exclusionary project – is not ephemeral or a historical event, but structures the relation between people and territories until this date.


Right(S) To the City in Hanoi

Right to the city has become a sort of “umbrella” concept capable to include resistences and existences against and beyond the real state financial complex.


Public Housing’s Green New Deal

A new era of taking public housing as one of the strategies to rethink economies…

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