Gambling | The Artification of Fashion | The Durian Economy


“Put the Gangsters Out of Business”: Gambling Legalization and the War on Organized Crime

Jonathan D. Cohen Journal of Policy History

“…While gambling opponents pointed to Las Vegas as proof that organized crime would flourish following legalization, supporters argued that illegal gambling was already pervasive, so the state may as well profit from this irrepressible activity. The history of gambling legalization challenges narratives on the popularity of law-and-order politics and offers a new perspective on crime policy in the post–World War II period.”


Fashion and Artification in the French Luxury Fashion Industry

Diana Crane Cultural Sociology

“Fashion design is created in systems of collaborative relationships comparable to art worlds but fashion systems differ from art worlds in the relative emphasis on economic considerations and in the utility of what is produced. A brief history of the French fashion systems underlying haute couture and luxury ready-to-wear fashion reveals that both systems exhibited a tendency toward partial artification, as seen in the creation of designs with avant-garde connotations, although designers were primarily concerned with economic rewards.”


Constructing Durian Terroir and Geographical Indications in Penang, Malaysia

Christopher Airriess Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography

“The tropical fruit durian in Southeast and East Asia has witnessed a surge in popularity in the past two decades to assume the rank of a fetishized commodity. This research investigates the construction of the multidimensional concept of terroir as applied to the durian economy of Penang, Malaysia based on personal interviews with orchard owners and state government officials to strategically embed the local in the global through the promotion of agritourism.”

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