Gentrification in Paris | Cultural Etymology of C*nts | Biometrics & Diabetes


Unpacking Commercial Gentrification in Central Paris

Eve Bantman-Masum Urban Studies

The article focuses on the impact of geographic mobility – including migration and residential tourism – in the rapid development of upmarket alternatives to French cafes and bistros. It goes on to explain how political intervention/deregulation facilitated capital investment in commercial real estate…The article demonstrates the extent to which cross-border flows influenced commercial gentrification.


Animals, Women and Terms of Abuse: Towards a Cultural Etymology of Con(e)y, Cunny, Cunt and C*nt

Piers Beirne Critical Criminology

“This article shows that for much of its history, the taboo term cunt has embodied terms of abuse that are at once both sexist and speciesist…this article examines how the burden of this dirty work has been carried by species represented by terms such as bitch, bunny, cow, fox and pussy.”


Biometrics and Citizenship: Measuring Diabetes in the United States in the Interwar Years

Arleen M. Tuchman History of Science

“…I explore the link between biometrics, citizenship, and diabetes in the United States in the interwar years…I look at how this disease came to symbolize both the regimes of discipline thought to be necessary in a society moving to consumption as its economic motor, and the fears of what could happen if consumption ran amok. Biometrics…offered clinicians and patients a potent tool for measuring deviance and, potentially, for restoring a person to the ‘norm.’”

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