By combining algorithms and human curation, we salvage the best, the deepest, and the most important research and intellectual output from the ever-mounting great pile of information – most of which is simply rubbish.

The result? An eclectic weekly selection of the best new academic articles, essays, talks, podcasts, lectures, and more.

I’ve wondered what it would be like to have a brilliant research assistant who could find material about many disparate things I try to follow. Now I know: Syllabus turned up material I just never would have come across otherwise. It’s bloody magic.

Brian Eno (musician, record producer, visual artist)

On top of that, our methodology allows us to classify and organise the information we retrieve. It is the combination of algorithmic filtering, categorisation and systematic human curation that powers the various syllabi we produce.

You can “enroll” & follow The Syllabus in different ways:

  1. Build your own personalised syllabus from the ~ 60 topics on offer, specifying the media types (e.g. podcasts or academic articles that you like).
  2. Subscribe to one of our curated thematic syllabi (e.g. on technology or political economy).
  3. Subscribe to one of our curated “Best of” syllabi (such as the best in academic articles or the best in podcast)

You can also do all three! Just choose accordingly during the registration process (you can always update your preferences later). All three types of syllabi are produced once a week.

If you have bespoke research needs, we might be able to help. Note also that we keep improving and expanding The Syllabus. We’re still only getting started.

PS: We also have a Cyberflâneur series where leading artists, scholars, writers and activists choose their favourite pieces on their topics from our stacks.

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