Personalised Syllabus

We track serious content that you are unlikely to find elsewhere: academic articles, books, videos, podcasts, reports, and select journalism. Our systems categorises all of this into “courses”. From these building blocks we’ve made it easy for you to create a weekly syllabus tailored to you.

What’s not to like about the ability to build your own reading list – a syllabus, yes! – by choosing five to ten courses from our mix below?

Our Growing List of “Courses”

Globalism and Its Discontents

Political Economy

Energy & Extractivism
Class & Inequality
Migration & Demography
Deviant Globalization
Religion & Secularism
Democracy & Expertise
Law & Governance
Nation & Empire
Urbanisation & Geography
Geopolitics & Global Rivalry
Post-fascism & Far-right Populism
Just Transition & Climate Change

The Business School
History of Economic Thought
Development & Modernization
Heterodox Perspectives
Knowledge, Bureaucracy & Social Coordination
Neoliberalism & Managerialism
Global Economy
Welfare & Public Finance
Work & Labor
Money & the Democratic Economy

Social Justice

Arts & Ideas

Women’s Rights
Drug Policy
Right to the City & Universal Basic Services
Incarceration & Policing
Health & Disability
Food & Nutrition
Human Rights

Film, Theater & Photography
Arts & Culture
Music & Dance
Ideas – Humanities
Ideas – Sciences
Language & Mind
History Afresh

International Studies

Technics and Civilization

Latin America
North America
Middle East
Russia & Eastern Europe

Law & Policy
Digital History & Digital Culture
The Stack: Data, Networks, Algorithms, Identity
Digital Economy
Politics as/of Technology
Mobility & Smart Cities
The Public Sphere
AI & Automation
Geopolitics of Tech & Cybersecurity

Beyond English

By building your own syllabus – it takes just a few minutes – you’ll also be able to include materials in languages other than English, notably French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. What’s more you can also indicate other preferences such as favouring text-based content over multi-media content, or more journalism over academic research.

Take a look

This is an example of what a personalised syllabus: example PDF. In addition, you can also subscribe to any of our growing list of curated syllabi, which are also published every week.

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