Thematic Syllabi

Every week we publish five different syllabi based around a specific theme:

  • The Cosmopolitan (on global affairs)
  • The Activist (on social justice)
  • The Intellectual (on arts & ideas)
  • The Progressive (on the political economy of global capitalism)
  • The Machinist (on technology)

To build these we vet and select the top pieces on each theme after our algorithms have sifted through tens of thousands of potential candidates. Each such syllabus includes the best 10-15 pieces – academic articles, books, videos, podcasts, reports and dissertations, journalism – that are as intellectually stimulating as they are typically overlooked. We do our best to include a short excerpt or a summary to give you some context about the subject matter.

Recent editions below.

The Cosmopolitan


The Activist


The Intellectual


The Progressive


The Machinist


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