The Activist

The Activist is one of our five thematic syllabi, updated every week with the freshest and most provocative content on the pressing issues of the day. That means you’ll find academic papers, essays, lectures, talks or podcasts on topics such as climate change, populism, human rights, racism, gender, and much more.

To see a recent edition of The Activist take a look at the PDF below. Note that it has four pages. You can download it too.

You can also build your own personalised syllabus using our service if you’d like to mix your own academic cocktail. We also publish various curated syllabi by media type (e.g. on all the best podcasts or the best academic articles).

A recent edition of The Activist


Some of the Topics Covered

Energy & Extractivism
Class & Inequality
Migration & Demography
Deviant Globalization
Religion & Secularism
Democracy & Expertise
Law & Governance
Nation & Empire
Urbanisation & Geography
Geopolitics & Global Rivalry
Post-fascism & Far-right Populism
Just Transition & Climate Change

Previous Editions

We’ve been publishing the Machinist every week since the autumn of 2019. A sleek, searchable and browsable archive will be released soon. We only publish a small selection of all the high-quality materials we find. So this archive will encompass many more pieces.

In the meantime, take a look at some previous editions of this syllabus on this “bookshelf”.

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