Malala | Snapchat | Noise & Late Capitalism


Growing Up Malala: Is Today’s Educated Girl Tomorrow’s Neoliberal Woman?

Sophia Boutilier Journal of International Development

“Malala Yousafzai is spreading her message: education for women and girls. She speaks at a time when education and gender equality are celebrated as keys to poverty alleviation and development. At the same time, current neoliberal economic policies are hurting women and girls…”


Snapchat’s Dialectics of Socialization: Revisiting the Theory of the Spectacle for a Critical Political Economy of Social Media

Marco Briziarelli Communication, Culture and Critique

“Snapchat [illustrates] a ‘spectacular’ power of current informational/communicative capitalism…Snapchat points to a Spectacle that consistently operates through a dialectic of socialization, which enables and compels, consorts and estranges, and deceives and exhibits.”


Governing the Noisy Sphere: Geographies of Noise Regulation in the US

Key MacFarlane Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space

“[Noise regulations of the 1970s reveal] a biopolitics of ‘sensible citizenship’ [inside] a changing regime of capitalist accumulation, as global attention began to shift from production to the “noisy sphere” of exchange in the 1960s and 1970s. Noise… has come to physically embody capitalism’s inner contradictions—between needing to promote commercial activities and needing to control the noisy externalities those activities create.”

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