Matisse’s Health | Stray Dogs in Chandigarh | Political Economy of Beauty Pageants


Henri Matisse’s Medical History: Multiple Health Problems and Impact on Creativity

Henning Zeidler Journal of Medical Biography

“…a comprehensive view on the relationship between health and art in the life and art of Matisse is attempted here. Matisse’s medical history not only provides an instructive example of life-long multiple somatic and psychosomatic health issues, but also contributes to the humanistic view of medicine by demonstrating how he impressively captured the problems of his artistic work and life through vitality and creative power.”


Animal Welfare and Human Health: Rising Conflicts over Stray Dogs in Chandigarh

Namita Gupta, Rajiv K. Gupta South Asia Research

“India’s large stray dog population, estimated to be about 25 million, poses substantial risks to human health, motivating some civic bodies to employ cruel methods to control dog populations. This article argues that while human health is certainly a priority, it is also important to consider animal welfare and to handle dog population control measures without causing unnecessary animal suffering…”


Working Girls: Economies of Desire in the American Child Beauty Pageant

Jennifer D. Whitney The Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth

“The American child beauty pageant is often met with controversy: allegations of indecency seem to swirl with every sashay. A stark example of this occurred in the early 2010s with the debut of Toddlers & Tiaras, a reality program dedicated to child pageantry. Using this program as its contemporary popular culture touchstone, the article traces back the history of the American child beauty pageant — and its moral panics…”

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