The people behind the Syllabus

Evgeny Morozov – Publisher
Evgeny is a writer and thinker on the social and political implications of information technology. He is the author of The Net Delusion (2011) and To Save Everything, Click Here (2013) and regularly writes for publications around the world.

Edward Tomordy – Managing Director
Edward is an entrepreneur and investor based in New York. He is an executive chairman of several European information portals. Previously he was a partner at a leading hedge fund.

Ekaitz Cancela – Editor & Curator
Ekaitz is a journalist and writer based in Madrid and Bilbao. He is the author of two books (El TTIP y sus efectos colaterales and Despertar del sueño tecnológico) and a regular contributor to the Spanish press.

Nikolai Maksimchuk – Head of Operations
Nikolai is a graduate of Bard College Berlin based in Belarus. He has previously handled various data mining projects, including those for Evgeny during the early iterations of The Syllabus.

Fedir Orlov – Lead Developer
Fedir is a graduate in economic cybernetics from Kharkiv National University. He is a developer and data scientist with a particular interest in data mining and machine learning.

Our regular contributors

Zev Averbach – Lead Technologist

Oliver – Data Mining & Programming

Naomi Cohen – Research & Curation

Devesh Narayanan – Research & Curation

Joanna Pope – Research & Curation

Rachel Connolly – Data Mining & Curation

Jasa Veselinovic – Research & Curation

To read more about our mission, take a look at our ‘preamble’. We are also on Twitter.

Getting Involved

If you believe in what we’re trying to accomplish and would like to be part of the team, please reach out to admin at the syllabus dot com. We’re always looking for motivated and talented people to work with us.

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