What we do

  • We salvage the best, the deepest, and the most important bits from the ever-growing great pile of information.
  • We unearth, polish, and promote the hidden gems that go unnoticed in today’s cacophony of ceaseless notifications, absurd listicles, and surveillance-soaked clickbait. 
  • We believe that the vital information that one needs in order to interpret and change the world is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.

How we do it

  • Over the last six years, our founder and publisher (Evgeny Morozov) has developed a novel and eclectic method that pairs humans and algorithms to discover only the best and the most relevant information.
  • We focus on important topics that risk being neglected by other platforms in their pursuit of surveillance/advertising revenues.
  • That’s how we uncover the best, most original items on a given theme in all the latest academic papers, books, reports, journalistic articles, talks and podcasts.

What we believe

  • Newsletters are for amateurs. The real cognoscenti opt for the syllabi.
  • We have no patience for sentences without content that are produced, en masse, in today’s factories of the obscure.
  • Since 99% of academic papers, books, and conferences put most people to sleep – we are no exception – we focus on that 1% that is neither arcane nor unnecessary.

How we work

  • We will not exploit, pass on, let alone sell any of your data! Nor will we plant a cookie on your browser to follow you around the web.
  • Following our official launch, we plan to eventually charge users a modest subscription fee. Some of our syllabi will be free and we will also be releasing all the paid content into the public domain after a brief embargo period.
  • Ours is not a view from nowhere. We read reality from a critical perspective, aiming to discover and highlight bold and intellectually risky interpretations of the problems at hand as well as pragmatic, original, and overlooked solutions to them.

What we want

  • Our ultimate ambition is to create a “living syllabus” on a series of subjects that matter.
  • We want to ensure that individuals and institutions who want the best new insights into complex yet important issues have the ability to find and peruse more than just tweets or blog posts.
  • Until now, doing this – without getting lost in the labyrinths of academia, think-tanks, and conference halls – has been an arduous task. The Syllabus will change that for good.

Interested in learning more? The Correspondent featured an informative piece about our launch.

To get in touch, please contact us at admin at the-syllabus dot com. You can also follow us on Twitter. Note that we only post a small selection of our materials there with a lag.

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