Racialized Geographies and the “War on Drugs”: Gender Violence, Militarization, and Criminalization of Indigenous Peoples | RA Hernández Castillo | The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean

This article examines the effects of the “war on drugs” on the bodies and territories of indigenous peoples of Mexico. This article uses the life histories of women victims of sexual violence in militarized and paramilitarized regions as the analytical framework to inspect, histories of exclusion of indigenous women incarcerated in the context of the war on drugs. This research argues that there are deeply entangled inter‐connections between occupation of indigenous women’s bodies through the violation, control, and incarceration and the occupation of indigenous territories and dispossession of their natural resources. These processes take place simultaneously and respond to the neocolonial logics of capitalism, within which gender and race inequalities are essential for their reproduction. [gender, human rights, indigenous people, law, Mexico]
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