A New Evolution for Transport-Related Social Exclusion Research? – Journal of Transport Geography – article

A New Evolution for Transport-Related Social Exclusion Research?

Karen Lucas | Journal of Transport Geography


This paper provides a brief overview of the transport-related social exclusion (TRSE) literatures and discusses the proliferation of this increasingly active research domain within transport geography over the last twenty years. It then focuses on a rapid evidence review of the implications for TRSE of major future innovations in the transport domain and the new mobility landscapes that will emerge from these technological, behavioural and policy changes. The key findings of the study were that more dedicated research is needed on the differential social and equity impacts of new mobility technologies and future policies to better understand the effects of these changes on already disadvantaged and marginalised groups. Transport geographers and sociologists have a particularly important role to play in the promulgation of these future research enquiries because in-depth socio-spatial research is needed to determine the people and places that will be mobility and accessibility included or excluded by these new innovations, and to help policymakers to determine how best to maximise their benefits and minimise their negative effects on future populations.


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