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Alpha Company: Self-Defense and Community Organizing

Yafeuh Balogun | Revolutionary Left Radio


On today’s show, Breht talks with Yafeuh Balogun and Steven from the Huey P Newton Gun Club – Alpha Company about their organizing, armed self-defense, police brutality, the theory of intercommunalism, anti-fascism, survivalism, and much more! Check out, learn about, and support the Huey P. Newton Gun Club here: Outro Music: ‘Sharp Shooters’ by Talib Kweli & Dead Prez Check out Talib’s music and podcast here: Check out Dead Prez here: ——- LEARN MORE ABOUT REV LEFT RADIO: SUPPORT REV LEFT RADIO: Our logo was made by BARB, a communist graphic design collective: @Barbaradical Intro music by DJ Captain Planet. ————— This podcast is affiliated with: The Nebraska Left Coalition, Omaha Tenants United, Socialist Rifle Association (SRA), Feed The People – Omaha, and the Marxist Center.


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