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Bourdieu and Marx

Michael Burawoy | KPFA


“What is an “”intangible asset,”” and why are we investing so much in them? How are these so-called intangibles reshaping our economy, as well as our fundamental approach to economic concerns? Joining me today to answer these questions is Stian Westlake, the co-author of Capitalism without Capital: The Rise of the Intangible Economy. Stian is also the co-author of an important economic plan for the UK, entitled Reviving Economic Thinking on the Right, which we discuss as well.
Stian is a Senior Fellow at the UK’s national foundation for innovation, Nesta. He was also a policy adviser to the UK Minister of Science, Research, and Innovation. An Oxford and Harvard graduate, he is also the founder of Healthy Incentives, an enterprise focusing on healthcare initiatives.

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