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Brexit and the Politics of the Rural

Sally Brooks | Sociologia Ruralis


This paper, in its first part, offers historical and clinical research that aims to establish, in a new frame, forms of organizing psychoanalytic theories on psychopathology and its accompanying healing strategies. This new frame is based in two matrices (“Freudo–Kleinian” and “Ferenczian”) and it organizes the wide knowledge established by different authors of the psychoanalytic field. Therefore, it recognizes the innovative proposals of the last three decades as transmatricial ones, in which the Freudo–Kleinian lineage and Ferenczian lineage are recognized as supplementary dimensions. In the second part, the paper describes some possible origins of one of the most relevant transmatricial thoughts in contemporary psychoanalysis, namely, Thomas Ogden’s work. To the question of what would be the path that leads back from Ogden’s conception of “dreaming the analytic session” to Ferenczi’s final clinical intersubjective proposals, the hypothesis offered is that it passes, retroactively, through the works of Robert Langs, Harold Searles, Willy and Madeleine Baranger and Wilfred Bion.


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