Cameronism: The Politics of Modernisation and Manipulation – Manchester University Press – book

Cameronism: The Politics of Modernisation and Manipulation

Timothy Heppell | Manchester University Press


This book provides a new and distinctive interpretation of the political strategy of Prime Minister David Cameron via the themes of political modernisation and political manipulation. In terms of modernisation, the book will examine how Cameron attempted to detoxify the negative image of the Conservatives; how he sought to delegitimise Labour as a party of government by deflecting the blame on austerity onto the legacy of Labour in office, and how he used the Big Society narrative as a means of reducing the perceived responsibilities of the state. In terms of manipulation, the book will evaluate Cameronism in relation to the exploitation of their coalition partners the Liberal Democrats, alongside examining the referendums on electoral reform and Scottish independence. The book will examine the end of Cameronism, and why he offered and then lost the referendum on continued European Union membership.


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