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Capitalism and Food Regimes

Harriet Friedmann | KPFA


“Sarah Jones joins Matt and Sam to discuss the myth of “”Trump Country”” and the pitfalls of reporting on rural America, and to address the most important question of all: is Donald Trump the Antichrist? (Answer: Probably not.) Sarah’s essay, “”Scapegoat Country,”” appears in this month’s special issue of Dissent on “”Left Paths in Rural America.””Sarah is a staff writer for New York Magazine, where she covers inequality and national politics. Follow her on Twitter: @OneSarahJonesSources Cited:Sarah Jones, “”Scapegoat Country,”” Dissent, Fall 2019Sarah Jones, “”What Brett Kavanaugh Means to Conservatives,”” New York Mag, Sept 30, 2019Sarah Jones, “”Here’s How We’d Really Know That Trump Is the Antichrist,”” New York Mag, Aug 21, 2019Mollie Hemingway, “”I wasn’t a Trump supporter. I am now.”” Washington Post, Jan 19, 2018″


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