Corporate Decision Making in Canada – Routledge – book

Corporate Decision Making in Canada

Ronald J Daniels, Randall Morck | Routledge


Originally published in 1995, Corporate Decision Making in Canada is the fifth title in the Investment in Canada Research Series, reissued in 2019. This volume looks at globalization and rapid technological change and investment spending, particularly in the areas of technology and human capital accumulation, as the key determinant of business success and national economies. The book suggests that the role of corporate governance and the strategies of business organizations is paramount as major elements that affect investment decisions. For example, the economic difficulties experienced by many well-known global corporations in the 1980s and 1990s underscore the importance of corporate decision-making in managing the challenges of change effectively. The issue of corporate governance is addressed in this volume from both an economic and a legal perspective, examining the elements of the modalities of decision-making, the role of incentives, institutions and their relationship to the corporate governance process and their impact on Canada’s economic performance.


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