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Estate Planning

Thom Chu | Ipse Dixit


In this episode, Thomas K. Chu, a New York attorney, discusses his work on estate planning and issues affecting older clients. Chu begins by describing his background and legal practice. He reflects on common misconceptions about estate planning and common mistakes people make when planning their estates. In particular, he argues that everyone should have an estate plan, even if they have limited assets, because estate planning is not only about financial assets, but also about life choices, especially decisions about disability and end of life choices. He closes by reflecting on the relationship of his work in the charitable sector and his faith to his work as an attorney. Chu is on Twitter at @ThomChu.This episode was hosted by Brian L. Frye, Spears-Gilbert Associate Professor of Law at the University of Kentucky College of Law. Frye is on Twitter at @brianlfrye.


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