Ethiopia’s Gender Revolution – The Interview – podcast

Ethiopia’s Gender Revolution

Sahle-Work Zewde | The Interview


In this episode, Izzy Wisher (Durham University) shares details of her PhD work studying European cave art dated to the Palaeolithic. How can scientists and archaeologists understand better the reasons for why ancient humans created visual culture? What is it about caves that preserves cave art so well? Who in these Palaeolithic societies was producing this art and how did they do so? How is Izzy using interesting approaches borrowed from psychology, and running experiments with virtual reality (VR) technologies, to look at these questions? You can find more information in the show notes under the episode on our website. You can find Izzy on Twitter if you have any questions or feedback. You can find Michael on Twitter and Instagram. The Arch and Anth Podcast is on Twitter and Instagram, and it has a Facebook page. If you liked this episode and you want to help contribute to the show, please visit the Patreon page for details on how to do that.


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