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Euro Corporate Evil Trolls The U.S. South

Cathy Feingold, Kim Williams | The Real News Daily Podcast


IKEA, Volkswagen, Nestle and Airbus are pretty different companies but all of them have a two-faced corporate Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that explains a lot about the oppression workers face in the U.S. South. Across the pond, all those companies have a pretty reasonable posture towards unions and workers trying to unionize. But just let them come hunting over in the U.S. South to do business and, bingo, they turn into your garden variety, vicious, union busting, corporate pigs. Cathy Feingold, the AFL-CIO’s international director, talks with me about an amazing new report tracing the European corporate marauding down south. Then, Kim Williams joins the show to talk about her Democratic primary challenge against a long-time Blue Dog-Corporate Democrat in the 16th Congressional district in California.

— Jonathan Tasini

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