How To Think About Cyber Sovereignty: The Case of China – Chinese Journal of Communication – article

How To Think About Cyber Sovereignty: The Case of China

Yu Hong | Chinese Journal of Communication


The cybersphere constitutes a global disagreement space. There, the contested, ongoing ties that link states and the internet come into being. A critique of sovereignty and political economy is offered to evaluate contemporary controversies concerning authority, independence, regulation, and access to communications as matters of relationality, materiality, and disagreement.We review China’s promotion of cyber sovereignty as a complicating episode that expresses development stresses of the sphere. China wishes to establish guardrails for the practices of multipolar global digital capitalism; yet, it has ushered in an Internet keyed variety of global issues–security, privacy, material well-being, developmental justice, and planetary futures.These complex aims invite and expand the dialectical spaces animating the cybersphere.


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