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Jeff Bezos Should Be More Like Genghis Khan

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Pamela Caughey is an abstract expressionist artist from Montana, USA. She works in cold wax and oils, mixed media, encaustic and acrylic paint, and her work is in the permanent collection of several museums and public spaces nationally and internationally. Her work also appears in the book “Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts and Conversations”. She is now a full time abstract expressionist artist and teaches locally and abroad.

Try to fail and embrace ugly.Be true to yourself.

Pamela talks to us about:What it means to be an abstract expressionistHer artistic process – and her experience with procrastination, fear and perfectionism – and her 4 step processThe importance of play and being honestThe appeal of abstract art How she changed from being a biochemist to an abstract artistHow to go from being vulnerable to bullet proof in your artWhy she wants to “fail” in her art Having a defined style versus constantly exploring, and how to have a personal voice while constantly changing.Pamela’s favourite medium (she works in four mediums)How she recovered after a wild fire burnt down their house and her studioA look into her studio as it is nowWhat inspires her and keeps her goingWhat she teaches in her signature course for artistsA day in her life as a full time abstract expressionist artistHer words of wisdom to artistsYou can reach Pamela Pamela’s playful attitude to painting has inspired you to pick up the brush, then you might also benefit from listening to these artists:Soft Pastels with Henriette Van StadenAcrylics and whimsy with Robin LeifeldImpressionism in Oils with Katia KyteLoose art with Jose Truijilo


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