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On Anthropologic Journal

Catherine Trundle, Eli Elinoff | Anthropology@Deakin


Episode 26 takes us back to Aotearoa New Zealand and our ongoing interest in how anthropology reaches its established and emerging audiences. In this episode, Tim speaks to Dr Catherine Trundle and Dr Eli Elinoff, both Senior Lecturers in the School of Social and Cultural Studies at Victoria University of Wellington and both members of the Senior Editorial Collective of the new anthropology journal ‘Commoning Ethnography’. The journal is self-described as ‘an off-centre, annual, international, peer-engaged, open access, online journal dedicated to examining, criticizing, and redrawing the boundaries of ethnographic research, teaching, knowledge, and praxis’. So, understandably the conversation not only goes to Eli and Catherine’s respective interests in environmental and medical anthropology, but also the state of journal publishing today? Why start a journal now? How might we think of the purpose of journals a little differently?

Conversations in Anthropology at Deakin is produced by David Giles and Timothy Neale with support from the Faculty of Arts and Education at Deakin University and in partnership with the American Anthropological Association.


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