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On the Film “The Spirit Has No Colour”

Jerry Adams, Rick Lavallee | Below the Radar


Recording of panel discussion for the film screening on The Spirit Has No Colour. Panel includes Jerry Adams and Rick Lavallee, moderated by Nathan Edelson.

The Spirit Has No Colour is a film produced by Norma-Jean McLaren and Nicholas Kendall. The film was initiated as a project by Norma-Jean to create a training film for B.C.’s municipal police recruits on the relationship between police and Aboriginal peoples.

A training film for B.C.’s municipal police recruits on: the history of Aboriginal peoples (First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples), particularly in B.C.; the role of police in the enforcement of laws of Canada that today are deemed to have been damaging to the Aboriginal peoples; the experience of the Aboriginal peoples showing what police will see on the streets and in the communities today, both the powerfully positive and the profoundly negative; the consequence of generations of children being taken from families and entered into the residential schools of this country; and finally, connecting issues of drug and alcohol abuse, family disintegration and loss of identity to the sexual, psychological, physical and other abuses common in the schools.


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