The Democratic Crisis and the Knowledge Problem – Politics & Policy – article

The Democratic Crisis and the Knowledge Problem

François Facchini, Mickael Melki | Politics & Policy


In the present neoliberal context, life is structured within management of capital. Late adulthood is a period of final decision making about human capital and financial capital. In past generations, older adults were supported by social capital systems of family and voluntary care, largely detached from large systems powered by financial capital. Now, late adulthood is about efficient movement of older adults from the workplace to retirement, from families to residential care, and on to death. Late adulthood is structured by efficient management of financial capital for and by systems that produce, manage, and/or deliver medical care, pharmaceuticals, residential care, insurance, investments, banking, death, and other services. In the present analysis, the focus is on financial capital, human capital, and social capital in late adulthood. The paper organizes some concepts and aspects of capital, value, aging, and late adulthood that are common knowledge and experience, for examination and analysis within systemic contexts.


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