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US Policy and Israeli-Palestinian Relations

Husam Mohamad | Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies


While marginal changes in U.S. policy towards the region may have taken place in recent years, the U.S.’s approach to Israel and the Palestinians has been, and remain, entrenched in the same conventional wisdom and frame of reference that favors Israel against its adversaries.1 Backing Israel at all costs has, at times, created discrepancies and doublestandard policies in U.S. relation with Israel vs. the Palestinians. Also, U.S. policy towards Israel and the Palestinians have often been carried out in conflict with international laws, norms and agreements. Unlike Israel, the Palestinians have been treated by U.S. policymakers with indifference and rejection of their internationally recognized claims? This article intends to highlight presidents George W. Bush and Barak Obama’s involvement in Israeli-Palestinian relations, with special attention paid to the peace process. It will also address Donald Trump’s policy towards the region, though the President has not yet been clear on offering plans for advancing the stalled peace process. The conventional wisdom regarding U.S. plans for Israel and the Palestinians is that they are usually revealed during a president’s second term in office, especially when key policy changes are present. Trump has promised that his administration will resolve the Israeli-


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