Vulnerability, Resistance and Sexuality in Revolutionary Egypt – Women’s Studies International Forum – article

Vulnerability, Resistance and Sexuality in Revolutionary Egypt

Jihan Zakarriya | Women’s Studies International Forum


In this modern era, information and communication technology (ICT) devices such as smartphones have been influencing every aspect of our lives, including education systems. It is needless to say that ICT-integrated education systems enable more effective and efficient teaching and learning environments for societies. However, the levels and processes of ICT integration into education are different by country. Accordingly, the purpose of this study is to compare South Korea and Turkey in terms of the of ICT integration into their education systems. For this, the study has been conducted as an archival study, and has comprehensively analyzed the academic resources and governmental reports by employing ICT Literacy framework. The results showed that both countries have made, and have been continuing to make, efforts to bring ICT and its benefits into education environments. While South Korea has had PCs and video systems for a long time, Turkey has only recently acquired tablet PCs and smartboards in classroom settings. Besides, both countries have been experiencing similar challenges integrating ICT into education, including stakeholders’ acceptance and teacher-training programs related to ICT utilization. Lastly, the obvious difference of these two countries seems that there is a huge business sector regarding ICT-based education in South Korea compared to Turkey due to the fact that South Korea initiated the ICT utilization in education years before Turkey. It is hoped that this study provides various helpful insights on integrating ICT into education for other countries.


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