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Why Giants Stumble

Felix Barber, Jo Whitehead, Julia Bistrova | California Management Review


The article is devoted to the peculiarities of the interpretation of the image of the future in the philosophical tradition of Russian cosmism, as well as the echoes of this vision of the future in Russian writers of the xx century. Cosmists consider reality from the point of view of what it should be, respectively, the image of the future is a model of the perfect state of the world and man. The future for them is projective, and this project should be embodied in reality. Key characteristics of the image of the future in Russian cosmism: axiology, alternative, universality, cosmicity, immortalism, unity of personality and community, assuming the completeness of the development and interaction of both. The future for Russian cosmists is connected with the transition from technical progress, increasing the power of man in the world through artificial tools, to organic progress, associated with the improvement of the human body. Artistic projections of the image of the future are given in the literary texts of the cosmists themselves (K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s sci-Fi works, V. N. Muravyev’s philosophical mystery Sofia and Kitovras), as well as in the poetry of V. Bryusov, V. Mayakovsky, V. Khlebnikov, N. Zabolotsky, in the novels of A. Belyaev and I. Efremov.


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