Teaching avant-garde practice as videographic research

Teaching avant-garde practice as videographic research
J Proctor
9/21/19 13:18
As a practitioner of avant-garde filmmaking, my primary objective is to break the cinematic machine. As a found-footage filmmaker working in an academic setting, my goal is to critically plumb the textual depths of existing works through audiovisual production. My recent works include: A Movie by Jen Proctor (2010–12), a remake of Bruce Conner’s seminal found-footage work using YouTube and LiveLeak videos; So’s Nephew by Remes (thanx to Michael Snow) by Jorrie Penn Croft (2015), a remediation of an academic article about textual films made in the style of Michael Snow’s text-based opus So Is This; and Nothing a Little Soap and Water Can’t Fix (2017), a narrative mashup of scenes of…

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