Microdosing | Digital Detox | Game of Thrones


Accounting for Microdosing Classic Psychedelics

Blake Beaton et Al. Journal of Drug Issues

“Microdosing classic psychedelics (e.g., LSD [lysergic acid diethylamide] and psilocybin) is the practice of taking small amounts of these substances to bring about various positive life changes. Little is known about the subjective experiences and perceptions of those who engage in the practice…Using data from semistructured interviews with 30 people who had microdosed, we find that none provided excuses for their microdosing, but all offered one or more justifications.”


Burning Out and Turning Off: Journalists’ Disconnection Strategies on Social Media

Diana Bossio, Avery E Holton Journalism

“…this study illustrates that experiences of social media fatigue over time have resulted in a careful renegotiation of professional and personal boundaries around journalists’ social media use, influenced by the technological, social, and cultural affordances of specific media platforms, organizational and institutional constraints, as well as the online literacies and behaviors of journalists themselves.”


A Virtual Winter: On the Absence of Ecology in Game of Thrones

Despina Kakoudaki Film Quarterly

“The Game of Thrones universe lacks a sense of ecology: there are no vertical relationships that connect climatic conditions to causality or material context. All conflicts and threats are human-centered, from people’s political squabbles, to the whims of the powerful and the suffering of those enslaved by them, and the fallout from processes of succession…The climate problem, the ecological problem, only appears in order to disappear.”

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