Dickens | Bananas | Cannabis


Dickens, Cholera and Big Data

Donald G Campbell Dickens Quarterly

“The Victorians have recently acquired fresh relevance for scholars of information and new media in the twenty-first century. As information and communication technologies (ICTs) continue to transform Western culture, some authors, both creative and academic, are turning to historical narratives of upheaval, finding in them harbingers of our current tempestuous networked age, as well as continuities that persist even when ICTs have transformed culture, authorship and scholarship seemingly beyond recognition.”


Health, Environment and Colonial Legacies: Situating the Science of Pesticides, Bananas and Bodies in Ecuador

Ben W Brisbois et Al. Social Science & Medicine

“Pesticide-related health impacts in Ecuador’s banana industry illustrate the need to understand science’s social production in the context of major North-South inequities. This paper explores colonialism’s ongoing context-specific relationships to science, and what these imply for population health inquiry and praxis…The evolution of banana phytopathology reflects patterns of banana production and plant science in settings made accessible to scientists by European colonialism and American military interventions.”


Cannabis Prices on the Dark Web

Jakub Červený, Jan C. van Ours European Economic Review

“This paper examines prices of cannabis sold over the anonymous internet marketplace AlphaBay…Cannabis prices are lower if sold in larger quantities, so there is a clear quantity discount…The internet based cannabis market seems to be characterized by monopolistic competition where many sellers offer differentiated products with quality variation causing a dispersion of cannabis prices and sellers have some control over the cannabis prices.”

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