An eclectic weekly selection of new academic articles, essays, talks, podcasts, and more.

Every week, we send out carefully curated syllabi of 10-20 pieces each. These items cut across text, video and audio (the full list). You can also build – and receive – your own personalised syllabus out of the 60 “courses” that we offer. Our approach rests on a mix of algorithmic and human curation: every week, our algorithms detect tens of thousands of potential candidates; after meticulous review of this short-list, our human editors, led by Evgeny Morozov, then select a few hundred worthy items. Those go out to subscribers, either via curated or personalised syllabi.

We also invite interesting people to play with our infrastructure and choose their own favourite pieces. So far, we have featured Brian Eno, Hito Steyerl, Adam Tooze, Rana Foroohar, Samuel Moyn, Rem Koolhaas, Paul Mason, Shehla Rashid, Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst, Raquel Rolink, Laleh Khalili, Zephyr Teachout, Quinn Slobodian, Katrina Forrester, and Kaiser Kuo who is our resident “cyberflâneur” this week.

Topical Reading List Update: we have recently used our system to put together a reading list relevant to the coronavirus outbreak.

To give you just a quick flavour of all the wonderful research & writing we uncover each week:

Best of the Week


Our Curated Syllabi

We currently publish 9 curated syllabi each week. Five of which are topic-specific (e.g. technology or political economy) whereas the other four are specific to their content type (e.g. journalism or academic papers). Click below to find out more about each one.

More curated syllabi, more topics and new features are in the works.

Check out our favourite pieces of 2019!

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